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This book gives us hope, that the miraculous harmony that our soul calls for, even today, is possible. 

This book is a profound, adventure, which leads to a revelation: awakening is not a walk in the park, but a calling so urgent, so demanding, that we must be ready to risk our sanity, even our life, to find the path and guidance of the awakened ones who mastered the secrets of immortality. This book gives us hope, that the miraculous harmony that our soul calls for, even today, is possible. It exists! Read this book, partake in this journey, you will be amazed!

Margot Anand (Author of spiritual Bestseller “The Art of Everyday Ecstasy”, B’way Books)

A must read for any true spiritual seeker of higher wisdom! 

The first thing you notice when you hold the book in your hands is the elegant presentation and very fine quality of the hardbound book. Its gold foil embossments and silken pages invite you in to share in an epic journey of Self realization and beauty! Aaravindvinda’s writerly skills are notable, as well as the level of high spiritual knowledge which is revealed through his adventure into the Himalayan mountains where he meets the Amartya Masters. I have already read the book once and plan to read it again and again, as I discovered how deep it reaches into my heart and soul, like no other book I have ever read! The words come alive with power and truth and have left me elevated and transformed by the purity of the messages, which at their heart are the essential spiritual truth that we all share. He generously shares with us that through love, faith and the other secrets revealed, we come to know ourselves truly. A must read for any true spiritual seeker of higher wisdom!

Lover of Beauty

Simply fantastic – deep spiritual knowledge in a truly entertaining format! 

In this book Aaravindha Himadra has succeeded very eloquently in presenting a profoundly transformational knowledge in a picturesque, and wonderfully readable and entertaining way. Right from the start, the reader is carried along into the amazing depths of the High Self while also physically journeying through the remote Himalayas. The ideal book for anyone who still believes in the magic of life, or who might be searching for that truth that lives far beyond the common path!

T. Siede

Wow…I can only say: Wow! 

I have read the English version twice now, and the German one once. That alone should say it all. It’s difficult to describe this book through the use of mere words – one just has to read it. Reading it has created a deep and transforming experience in me. The masters who live in the special valley are clearly real – which can be experienced directly if one is willing to open up to them. Aaravindha, as a friend and teacher… and now as an author… is a great enrichment for our world. He could have stayed there in the Himalayan valley, but he chose to come back and to help us re-establish our old connection. It’s surprisingly easy to read this book, and to also dive into the knowledge and the techniques of this tradition.

Jashan Chittesh

This is “THE BOOK” 

For anyone that hopes to experience a deep and true spiritual knowledge first hand, this is “THE BOOK.” The beauty contained in this book can hardly be captured with words. For those with an open heart, this book will be a never-ending source of wisdom. The masters described in this book, and who speak through it, are simply beyond description. On the one hand, they appear as extraordinarily powerful beings, full of wisdom, while at the same time, they come across as innocent and as playful as children.

Sanjivan O. Moos

You’ll experience love when reading this book! 

If you experienced joy in reading “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahamsa Yogananda, you’ll experience love when reading this book by Aaravindha Himadra. —Pure love. This book takes the reader through an incredibly transformative journey to their self. Knowledge and wisdom is beautifully embedded in an enjoyable and descriptive journey that leads to the Himalayan valley of the immortal masters. This is a book that will accompany and guide me ongoing throughout the length of my remaining life, and will very likely inspire a great change in the world.

E. Feuchter

It quickly earned its place in my life – and on permanent stay on my nightstand!! 

Whoever read “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahamsa Yogananda, has already come into contact with knowledge about the immortal masters and other secret, enriching aspects of life that otherwise remain hidden amidst a hectic, superficial everyday lifestyle. This book touched me deeply and continues to do so every time I reread a chapter. In the way the depth and scope of the experiences, and aspects of the knowledge is presented, it brings out so much more than the writings of Paramahamsa Yogananda -whose autobiography had previously left me enthralled. In addition, this book is beautifully made, in a highly esthetic quality with gold embossments and is easily readable in an appealing, well-spaced, and easily readable format. It quickly earned its place in my life – and on permanent stay on my nightstand!!

N. Fischer

Really brilliantly written, a literary “delicacy” 

In my opinion, this wonderful book accomplishes what other spiritual narratives very seldom do: really brilliantly written, a literary “delicacy,” a fascinating and truly enjoyable story. It was hard to stop reading. AND, at the same time, it offers up the highest kind of spiritual knowledge. The story takes the reader on a journey into their deepest sense of themselves. The words of the immortal masters contained in this book express powerful truths, and if really taken into one’s heart, will most assuredly transform their life and view of the world. I can feel them working in me even now! No other book has touched me like this since the “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

K.M. Münch

What one might imagine as “unbelievable” is made tangibly real through the words of the masters. 

Any one that might feel the world’s view today is a bit too small or limiting about life and what exists beyond it, they will undoubtedly find more than enough information in this book to change that perspective. The way this book was written makes it easy for the reader to really experience the story. The author, Aaravindha Himadra, shares this contemporary story in a very revealing and personal way. To also experience Aaravindha in person, and to learn and practice his deeply profound meditation techniques has brought my life into a far more meaningful flow. What one might imagine as “unbelievable” is made tangibly real through the words of the masters. This book is clearly successful, and will undeniably bring about a global transformation.

J. Linder