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Aaravindha Himadra, author of Immortal Self, has been an international teacher of spiritual knowledge since 1999. He currently teaches and lectures primarily in Europe, the United States and Canada. In 2006, Aaravindha founded Sambodha, an international, non-denominational, spiritual organization dedicated to the advancement of higher spiritual education relating to the development of human consciousness and the attainment of Self Realization. Sambodha serves its vision through teaching the art of Compassion, advancing the study of Dharma-aligned spiritual knowledge, applying internal transcendental practices, teaching advanced meditation techniques, and supporting externally oriented Seva offerings.

Beyond his publically available book, Immortal Self, Aaravindha is also author of six additional books that serve as study guides in his ongoing global teacher training courses. The following titles—The Heart of the Path, Sacred Creation Forces, The Art of the Baumaitri, Mantra Dhyana, and the Karnada Virya—are presently only available to Sambodha teachers; however, a newly edited and expanded public edition of each book will soon be made available for those who hope to read them outside of the guided seminar setting.

Aaravindha was born in the United States on January 29th, 1953, the son of a German mother and Latvian father who had immigrated to America after the Second World War. From early childhood, Aaravindha was drawn to anything he could find that was related to the unseen, spiritual mysteries of life. At the age of six, in the middle of a cold winter night, he was briefly visited by one of the Amartya Masters. This enigmatic Master would go on to quietly guide Aaravindha throughout his life, helping shape many of his developmental processes. In 2006, Aaravindha was invited to travel to the remote Himalayas and personally visit this great Master in the protected valley where he resides with the five other Masters of his tradition. Aaravindha’s book, Immortal Self, is the true chronicle of that journey.

Today, Aaravindha is a globally renowned saumedhika seer—an advanced master rishi—and a lecturer, teacher and author. He currently lives on a small island in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Ashayrah, and their golden retriever, Jade. Their home serves as a get-away retreat, a convenient place to create and develop seminars, and as a peaceful space to write.

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  1. Veronica Entwistle Reply 02/14/2014 at 8:16

    Congratulations Aaravindha,

    Your opening quote is perfect for Valentine’s Day! AN infininte blessing.

    Is it possible to do an interview with you? I know I have been hounding you for a few years. Could it finally be time? Our interviews are now podcasted and the downloading And I have been quoting you often lately, Y our wisdom runs through it”.”
    rate is growing.

    Many blessings and to Ashayrah
    Veron ica

    • Jayanta Lomasney Reply 10/28/2014 at 0:35

      I am ever so blessed and humbled to even know and live my life with the presence and friendship of Aaravindha Himadra. I have received great amounts of love, guidance, and enormous gifts of knowledge, and healing from him, and far more than anytime during my life. The wonderful book he wrote, “Immortal Self” has been a journey like no other that I have ever been on or read about in my entire lifetime. The blessings do not end there either, as his beautiful wife Ashayrah is also a humbling, and extremely gifted human being to know, behold, and be in the presence of, as well. This journey that I am taking with “Sambodha” is a life changing event for me, and I am so grateful, and fortunate, that it is beyond my simple words….



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